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Building Resilient Communities

We have challenges ahead of us. We’re still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and now we are dealing with massive inflation. There is also the looming threat of climate change that will affect our community. We must be prepared. When the Covid-19 shelter in place orders went into effect, I sprang into action making checkup calls to vulnerable residents, delivering groceries, and providing meals to those in need.

When something goes wrong, we need to take care of each other. Our community connections can save lives. We should develop more robust neighborhood disaster planning that would help us respond to a pandemic, economic downturn, fire, earthquake or other disaster. Our city can help coordinate this and provide resources for networks of community groups.

We must also make sure that everyone in San Leandro feels invested and connected with their community. That means making sure we can keep homeowners and renters in their homes. We need protections from foreclosures and evictions. Our city can help provide a safety net and assistance for homeowners and renters.

Protecting Our Environment

I will work to support regional, state and national efforts to reduce carbon emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels. We can be leaders in a transition to a sustainable economy. I support sustainable infrastructure projects that will provide good jobs and clean energy for our community. We need a Green New Deal for San Leandro. I support and voted for our Climate Action Plan as a baseline that we can continue to build upon to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate some of the impacts of climate change.

Community Affordability

We need more affordable housing. When approving development projects my priority is our community. Our city is going to grow, but we must make sure that we’re including people who can afford to live and work in the area. Developments that don’t include an affordable component means expensive units and more people that have to commute to San Francisco or Silicon Valley. Whether affordable by design, such as smaller units, or including subsidized housing, every building project should include an affordable housing component on site. I’m not in favor of growth for growth’s sake, having grown up here I’m not eager for rapid change. It’s important to recognize the reality of the situation though. Our city is within commuting distance to two of our country’s major economic areas. That means our land value is rising and there is money to be made in developing our land. We need to develop our transit oriented districts near our BART stations with dense, mixed-use developments that include on-site affordable housing and contribute to a more walkable San Leandro. Before I approve any Development, we need to make sure it provides lasting benefit to the community, is good for the environment, and has workers making prevailing wages. We also need to make sure that the community is involved in long-term planning of our city’s growth.

Keeping Our Community Clean

Our living environment affects our quality of life. I am dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone in San Leandro. This means maintaining our neighborhoods and public spaces. We can do more to make sure that our city is keeping our public parks, neighborhoods and commercial spaces clean and accessible. I’ve led monthly community clean ups to help maintain our public spaces before and while on council. I also responded to resident’s concerns about waste, litter and dumping. The city should make sure blighted areas are cleaned up. The city is now developing a program, inspired by my model, to support citizen led community clean-ups.

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