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We Support Bryan Azevedo!

Elected Leaders & Officials

Victor Aguilar Jr, San Leandro City Councilmember
Fred Simon, San Leandro City Councilmember
Benny Lee, Fmr. San Leandro City Councilmember
Luis Mendoza, Planning Commissioner
Tiare Pierre, Human Services Commissioner
Jasmine Moore, Rec and Park Commissioner
Allen Schoenfeld, Rec and Park Commissioner
Gary Hanna, Rec and Park Commissioner
Jennie Chang, Historical Library Commissioner
And more…

Organizations & Unions

And Over 30 small businesses…

Partial list. Titles are for identification purposes only.

If you’d like to endorse Bryan for Mayor, please fill out the Endorsement form. Everyone is welcome to fill this out. We value endorsements from our residents as well as community leaders and elected officials.

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