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About Bryan

I am a fourth-generation San Leandro resident with deep roots in the city. My working-class family provided me with opportunities to see what’s best about San Leandro. Our City, like the entire East Bay, is changing rapidly—and often not for the best. The people who built San Leandro can no longer afford to live here, work here. and raise a family here. The community that makes San Leandro and raised me is disappearing.

By day, I am a tradesman with the Sheet Metal Workers. I am no stranger to hard work and to getting things done. When the County issued the shelter-in-place ordinance, I decided to act and find a way to help my neighbors.

With the help of friends and the generosity of local leaders, I went about helping those in need and distributing over 3000 meals from my driveway.

As your mayor, I promise to work tirelessly to find solutions to the many issues facing San Leandro today. I will put the needs of community first. Business-as-usual in City Hall is obviously not working for us.

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