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My Priorities

Reduce Crime

● Fill Vacancies in Police Department
● Focus Police on Violent Crime
● Develop Non-police solutions that Reduce Crime
● Implement Smart Strategies to Stop Auto Thefts and Break ins

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Protect Our Environment

● Keep Our Neighborhoods Clean
● Honor and Improve on our Climate Action Plan
● Be Ready to Adapt to Impacts of Climate Change
● Prepare for Emergencies

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Support Affordable Housing & Tenant Protections

● Build Accessible and Affordable Housing Near Our BART Stations
● Promote dense, mixed-use zoning for more walkable cities
● Support a Navigation Center to Assist our Homeless Population
● Protect Tenants with Rent Stabilization and Just Cause for Eviction Laws

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Engaging and Supporting Community

● The people of San Leandro should be involved in the decisions of their government.
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Protecting Vulnerable Residents

● Everyone deserves stable housing
● Supporting Working Families

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Building Resilient Communities

● Protecting Our Environment
● Community Affordability
● Keeping Our Community Clean

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Public Safety and Crime Reduction

● We Can’t Police Our Way Out of All Social Problems
● Police Are an Important Component in our Public Safety
● Finding Solutions to Increasing Public Safety

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