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Protecting Vulnerable Residents

Not everyone has the same ability to be engaged civically. Different neighborhoods and people have varying levels of control capacity, connections, and social and economic power to influence government decisions. I will make sure that our less affluent and more marginalized neighbors will have a voice on the council.

Everyone deserves stable housing

I will vote to protect tenants from evictions and massive rent increases and homeowners from foreclosures. City staff at the council’s direction is working on a rent stabilization ordinance so we can get these protections on the books early in 2023. I support assistance for our homeless population. We are working now on creating a navigation center that can support our homeless population. I will continue to champion strategies to get people off the streets and keep people in stable homes.

Supporting Working Families

One of the top reasons people move to San Leandro is to raise families. Juggling family and work life was difficult enough under normal times. Under Covid-19 and without public support it has become untenable. That’s why I pushed for required pay increases for grocery store workers at larger stores during the height of the pandemic. I support our public schools and believe that after-care programs should be available for all our elementary and middle school students. I support our local business. Having a vibrant local economy provides jobs, reduces commutes, and provides local services that our residents use.

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