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Public Safety and Crime Reduction

We Can’t Police Our Way Out of All Social Problems

We cannot place the burden of all our social problems on the police department. We need to make sure that we have programs to respond to mental health incidents, support the homeless and provide animal control. Qualified specialists, such as mental health specialists, social workers and animal control, can more effectively respond to many situations. Moving some first response to other departments will allow our officers to focus on crime prevention and response.

Police Are an Important Component in our Public Safety

We rely on the police to keep the peace in our city, investigate crimes, and stop crimes that are taking place. As with all our city workers, the police deserve our respect and gratitude for the service they do to our community. No public safety plan can be complete without a police component. That’s why I have called on the police chief and city manager to fill the more than 30 vacancies in our department. Focusing police on violent crimes such as assaults, rapes, and murders will support them in defending our community against aggressive criminal actions.

Finding Solutions to Increasing Public Safety

The number of vehicle thefts and break-ins are off the charts compared to the rest of the state. We also have more burglaries and robberies. As a councilmember I’ve directed city staff to research alternatives to police that will reduce crime. I will continue to work with residents, community groups, and the police department to implement policies proven to reduce these types of incidents. If the city staff and police can’t recommend efficient solutions, I support the creation of a citizen public safety task force to research and recommend proven methods for making neighborhoods safer. We need to redefine what public safety means and tie it into our ability to prepare and respond to emergencies large and small.

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